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Preparing for a Successful Open House in Greater Decatur, GA

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Selling your house in Greater Decatur, GA? Having an open house can be a great way to showcase your property and convert interest into actual buyers.

When hosting an open house, you’ll set a date and time when prospective buyers can visit your home. Open houses are also open to the general public and are a good way to generate local interest.


Open houses involve cleaning, decluttering, and staging the property. However, there are some other simple and effective techniques you can do to create a lasting impression on those who visit your open house.

Stage the home

Staging is one of the most important things you should undertake before holding an open house. The art of home staging involves arranging furniture, decor and accessories to highlight the home’s best features. Adding fresh flowers or plants to your home can bring life and color to it, making it feel more welcoming and inviting. Artwork, throw pillows, and curtains can also add warmth and personality to your home. But, keep in mind the idea isn’t to impress upon visitors your own aesthetic preferences, but to give them a sense that the house can be their home.

Let the natural light in

Try opening the curtains and blinds and let some of that natural light in. You’ll create an atmosphere that is airy and welcoming. Make sure your windows are clean before the open house so the rooms are as bright as possible and the views are clear and captivating. If there is a particular area where you’d rather emphasize the interior rather than the view, use sheer curtains to allow light in and control what your visitors focus on.

To set a mood or not?

It’s possible to make prospective buyers feel more at ease by playing music or using particular scents in the home during an open house, however, proceed with caution.

Scents should be used with careful consideration as not everyone has the same reaction to particular scents. The safest course is to ensure that the house smells clean and pleasant. Be careful with strong-smelling detergents and cleaning products.

If you do choose to play music, it may be best to play instrumental or ambient music that is soothing and unobtrusive. Try keeping the volume low so it doesn’t become overpowering or distracting.

Provide refreshments

A refreshment or snack is always welcome, especially if a viewer has traveled some distance to visit the house. Set up a small beverage station with water, teas, and coffees, along with cream, sugar, and stirrers. Light snacks, such as cookies, crackers, or fruit, can be served to guests on a platter or in a bowl. Avoid items that are messy or difficult to eat if possible, as these may distract. The extra touch may leave a positive impression and could generate positive word-of-mouth referrals for future buyers and sellers.

Advertise the open house

Homebuyers typically start their search online. With this in mind, having a professional online presence to advertise your listings is becoming increasingly important. Carter and Associates can handle every aspect of selling your Greater Decatur real estate, from setting the right price to holding an open house and closing the deal. Our team can assist you in advertising your property on multiple listing services (MLS) as well as on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To get your staging just right and draw in the right people to your open house, contact Carter and Associates Realtors. Call 404.932.7388 or send an email.

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