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Stage your home like a pro

Luxurious house interior

One of the most effective ways to market and sell your home is to stage it. Home staging highlights a property’s best features. This then attracts and impresses potential buyers, enough to even result in a higher sold price and market value.

Home staging is an optional step in the selling process, but it can make a property stand out among other comparable homes in the area. Carter & Associates White Glove Program includes prepping your home to shine in its best light.

You can also do it on your own if you have an eye for interior design. If you have the money to spare, you can also hire a professional. If you want to try it out, here’s how to stage your home like a pro.

Declutter and depersonalize

As part of your preparations for selling, take time to depersonalize and declutter your home. Remove any personal photographs and family mementos; buyers will find it easier to imagine the home as their own. Take this as an opportunity to sort belongings to make moving easier down the road.


Before you start editing your home’s design and furniture, give it a good, deep clean. You’ll have a long list of things to do, from polishing appliances to removing stains from any surface imaginable. If you have pets, you might also have to take extra care to remove any signs they were there. Come open house, you don’t want to trigger any allergies.

Repaint the walls

Painting the walls is an effective way to make your home appear fresh and brand-new. Certain colors or peeling paint can date any property.

You can go for tried-and-tested neutral shades like white, gray, taupe, and beige; they appeal to almost every kind of buyer. It’s a good base, even if they’re not too keen on the color. Alternatively, you can try a bolder color to liven up a certain space. Color trends are available every year, but it depends on whether you want to make a statement.

For the outside of your home: consider the environment when choosing the new paint color. It shouldn’t overpower the surroundings, nor should it completely blend in. You may also have to check design guidelines if your area has an HOA or is a historic district.

Use mirrors and edit furnishings

If you’re dealing with a smaller space, consider mirrors! They can introduce depth and make any room feel bigger. Another way to add space is to, quite literally, make space. If a living room has too many couches or shelves, consider decluttering. Less furniture shows a room’s capacity; the layout can also show whether the room has good flow.

Chad and Christina of Carter & Associates have more home selling secrets to share. Even better, they can guide you through your journey as your dedicated Decatur Realtors. Together, the Carters have over 30+ years of experience assisting home sellers like you in Northeast Atlanta. Call 404.944.6577 or 404.564.5560 today or send an email to schedule a consultation.

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