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Top strategies for selling your home in Decatur, GA

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Top strategies for selling your home in Decatur, GA

Situated just minutes from Atlanta, Decatur is nearly 5 square miles packed with buzz-worthy dining and shopping an ever so popular choice for families looking for that big city feel, but also craving a small, close-knit community vibe. It’s become an ever-so-popular choice for those wanting to move to Atlanta.

With excellent schools, award-winning restaurants, suburb parks and greenspace, many do say it truly is greater in Decatur.

Knowing the nuances of a niche market like Decatur is where Carter and Associates comes in. If you’re looking to sell your house fast in Decatur, GA, and seamlessly, here are some useful tips to incorporate in your strategy.

Consider another look at that lawn

In many situations, a manicured lawn and an eye-catching exterior will most certainly attract the attention of potential buyers whether they’re browsing listings online or doing neighborhood drive-throughs. Well-kept curb appeal gives the impression your property is loved and taken care of. That can potentially result in more inquiries, better offers and an increase of up to 7% to your home’s value, according to research.

Sell at peak season

Timing matters in real estate.

In Decatur, the best time to list your home mid-April and May. It takes an average of two to three months from listing to closing, just in time for the summer season.

Prioritize repairs

The prospect of having to do repairs before moving may seem daunting, particularly when the house is being sold at a lower price. But, no one wants to move into a home with defective air conditioning, heating or pipes and faucets that leak. Avoid giving the buyer the burden of getting repairs done and address them yourself before listing. Doing so also gives you a chance to increase your home’s market value and list price.

Clearing the clutter + staging

Having a cluttered living room or dining room makes it harder for potential buyers to actually see the space. Staging your home helps buyers visualize what it’s like to live in the home better. It can also inform them about how a certain space in your property can be designed and utilized. Simply put, decluttering and staging emphasizes all the best parts about your home.

Upload quality listing photos

Before doing an in-person house tour, most buyers will preview a property by scrolling the online listing photos. It’s crucial to take professional photos of your home and highlight its best features. Take advantage of angles and lighting, and show your home in its best light through the lens of of a photographer who knows what they are doing.

Get the help of a local, knowledgeable Realtor

A good Realtor team like Carter & Associates can help sell your home quicker and for more. Period. They know the local real estate trends and can market your property to its advantage.

Chad and Christina Carter have over 32 years of combined experience dealing homes for sale in Decatur, GA. Experienced, caring and compassionate – they’re the type of real estate professionals you want on your side if you want to make a fast but advantageous home sale.

Get to know the Carters and what they do. Call today at 404.944.6577 or 404.564.5560 or send them an email.

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