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Winnona Park

Situated on City of Decatur’s southeastern portion, Winnona Park is a hidden gem with a population of just over 4,000. It has all the elements of an ideal suburb: sparsely populated, tree-lined streets, an overall laid-back feel and welcoming vibe and convenient proximity to the city. That’s why Winnona Park proudly stands among the most sought-after communities in the Atlanta metro area.

If you’re looking for a lovely neighborhood in the City of Decatur area that offers a family-friendly atmosphere and strong community ties, Winnona Park, GA could be the perfect option. 

Read on to get a more detailed feel of what makes it such a special place.


Winnona Park has a secluded feel since the area is mostly residential in nature, with parks and schools breaking the monotony. But a mere five-minute drive north, just across East College Avenue, will take you to the heart of Downtown Decatur. Surrounding Winnona Park are the neighborhoods of Oakhurst, East Lake and Midway Woods. A little farther off to the east of Winnona Park is another city with an idyllic atmosphere, Avondale Estates. 

Given the neighborhood’s strategic location, those nearby are always close to those basic creature comforts like farmers markets, groceries, and local shops and cafes, among many others. But for more urban amenities and exciting nightlife, there’s Downtown Atlanta to visit, just a 19-minute drive away. 


Winnona Park’s history goes back to the early 19th century when it was a part of the “Greater Decatur” region. The said area mostly consisted of farmlands and scattered residences. It was primarily rural in nature until 1907 when it was annexed into City of Decatur, DeKalb County’s seat.

The neighborhood’s annexation in the early 1900s also paved the way for its development which officially jump-started in 1910 when Atlanta businessman and philanthropist George B. Scott purchased the area that was to become Winnona Park. George B. Scott also happens to be a member of the locally famous Scott family that founded Agnes Scott College, one of Decatur’s most established academic establishments. 

Named after George B. Scott’s daughter, Winnona, the neighborhood was designed as a streetcar suburb. It soon attracted middle-income families looking for a peaceful setting that was close to the city.

Winnona Park has changed in many ways over the years but it still retained its laid-back atmosphere and Old World charm. In 1983, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Among its notable landmarks are the Winnona Park Library and the Agnes Scott College campus.


Winnona Park

You’ll fall in love with the Old World charm of this home along Derrydown Way. Newly renovated with an open floor plan and exquisite hardwood flooring, this Winnona Park home does not disappoint.

Whether you’re looking for your dream home or a timeless historic property, Winnona Park’s diverse housing market may be an appealing option. Two to five-bedroom properties are common here, making it an ideal place for growing families. 

Many apartment complexes are also present in this neighborhood, largely due to the high volume of college students enrolled in nearby educational institutions like Agnes Scott College, Emory University and DeVry University. This opens up opportunities for investing in rental properties, with the student population needing housing in the area. 

Many of the homes for sale in Winnona Park were built in the 1940s, so expect them to have a lot of character and nostalgia – something you won’t typically see in more recent construction. The housing inventory of Winnona Park includes elegant English Manor-inspired properties and Craftsman-style homes. Most of them sit on lots with sizes from 1,900 to 3,500 square feet.

The Winnona Park real estate market is now a level playing field between buyers and sellers. This means that bidding wars have lessened and both parties are more willing to agree on each other’s terms and contingencies, thus resulting in the quicker culmination of transactions. The past three years have also seen home values moving along a gentle upward slope, playing around a range between $355,000 and $725,000. Among luxury homes, prices could go as high as approximately $1.5 million. 

Homes for sale in Winnona Park, GA

The neighborhood’s housing market largely attracts families seeking out a place to be rooted, as well as smart real estate investors. It’s dominated by single-family homes, many of which are well-maintained historic properties. You’ll also find newly constructed townhomes, ideal for those seeking low-maintenance living options.  

  • SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES. Single-family homes are the hallmarks of Winnona Park’s real estate landscape. They encompass a spectrum of architectural styles, from fundamental Craftsman designs to classic Colonial Revival aesthetics. Offering spacious living areas, large yards, and porches, they provide a sense of privacy and a strong connection with nature. Many of these homes boast historical significance, featuring original details that blend seamlessly with modern upgrades. Families, couples, and singles alike are drawn to the character, space, and autonomy that these homes offer.
  • TOWNHOMES. These properties bring a contemporary twist to Winnona Park’s housing options. With multi-level layouts and attached walls, townhomes provide a balance between the intimacy of a single-family home and the convenience of a condo. Residents often enjoy shared amenities and common spaces that promote a sense of camaraderie and neighborly interaction. New townhome constructions in Winnona Park showcase modern architectural designs and innovative features. Open floor plans, energy-efficient appliances, and cutting-edge technologies are often integral components of these new homes. They’re typically found in areas closer to Old Decatur.
  • MULTI-FAMILY RESIDENCES. A popular property type for investing in, these fit in nicely with the presence of college students in Winnona Park. One building could house several tenants, offering the potential of regular passive income from more than one source. 



Winnona Park

As part of the City of Decatur, Winnona Park is conveniently located near amazing dining options. Head Downtown and you’ll find a colorful array of local eateries, upscale restaurants, and cozy neighborhood cafes, serving everything you’d need for a gastronomic treat. Here are some of them:

  • Kavarna
    By day, this cozy homegrown shop offers locally roasted coffee and freshly baked pastries to patrons. By night, it transforms into a lively watering hole, serving beer, wine, and delicious food, complete with live music. It also serves as an exhibition space, hosting several literary events and art installations throughout the year.
  • Chai Pani
    A Decatur favorite for over a decade already, this restaurant serves authentic Indian street food that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the bustling roadside eateries and stalls of Mumbai. Don’t miss out on its signature dishes like the Butter Chicken and Saag Paneer. 
  • Parker’s on Ponce
    Book a table here for a memorable and filling night out with family, friends, or a special someone. Established in 2007, this steakhouse features classy interiors in wood, stone, and muted lighting; al fresco seating; and excellent service. On its menu are dry-aged steaks that are cooked to perfection. Complement your meal with wine from their well-curated collection or a specialty cocktail. 


Winnona Park While you’re in the downtown area, why not engage in good old-fashioned retail therapy? For a unique shopping treat, skip the chain of retail stores and check out the city’s homegrown gems. From intimate record stores and hip wine shops to boutiques selling stunning jewelry, there’s plenty to explore.
  • Decatur CD & Vinyl
    This record store along Ponce de Leon Avenue has been one of the go-to destinations for music lovers from all over the Atlanta metro area for three decades already. Its collection may not be as extensive as those in other music stores but it’s one place where you’ll discover hard-to-find albums. Its owners continue to work hands-on in the store and regularly interact with customers. You could also use the store’s listening station to sample tracks before buying them. 
  • Brave + Kind Bookshop
    One of the city’s most endearing bookstores, Brave + Kind Bookshop is more than a place to pick up your kid’s next read. It fosters a charming literary community, thanks in part to events, book clubs, and subscription boxes. It features a solid selection of old and new titles aimed at your budding bookworms. 
  • Wahoo Wine and Provisions
    Every well-rounded pantry should have a bottle of good wine. You’ll find some at Wahoo Wine and Provisions. This local store offers a whole range of wines ranging from light to full-bodied selections. Planning to host a house party? The store also carries cold cuts, cheeses, and everything else your charcuterie board needs.

Outdoor attractions

Winnona Park

Even while Winnona Park is still categorically part of a city, it has several green spaces and neighborhood parks where residents could either relax and commune with nature or enjoy fun activities with the rest of the family. At this neighborhood’s very core is the park which shares the same name with the community itself. Covering 10 acres, it features sprawling open spaces, modern playgrounds, a basketball court, and walking trails.

Serene and scenic Winnona Park is just a stone’s throw away when you buy one of the homes for sale in the neighborhood. However, if you want even more options. Decatur and the rest of the Greater Atlanta metro area have a wide range of outdoor destinations. Here are some of them:

  • Legacy Park
    Just a short 20-minute walk going east from Winnona Park is Decatur’s second-largest public space – Legacy Park. Spanning 77 acres, this park along South Columbia Drive is filled with various facilities, including playgrounds, basketball courts, open spaces for picnics, walking trails, and a pond, available for fishing..
    Legacy Park hosts several events throughout the year, with Truckin’ Tuesdays being the most popular – an exciting celebration of local food and businesses that brings together food trucks from across the Atlanta area. It takes place every Tuesday in May and September.
  • Glen Creek Nature Preserve
    An approximately 10-minute drive from Winnona Park, Glen Creek Nature Preserve provides a convenient escape from the din of the city. Birds take center stage among the local wildlife here as it’s home to warblers, hawks, and owls. Meanwhile, fitness enthusiasts will enjoy the hiking trails surrounding the preserve.
  • Hawk Hollow
    Hawk Hollow is part of the Wylde Center and is a natural setting featuring woodland paths, a butterfly garden, a creek and even several hobbit houses. 
    It’s located off Oakview Road in Oakhurst. 
    Hawk Hollow’s purpose is to restore as much native habitat as possible while removing invasive species. Hawk Hollow is one of Atlanta’s unique urban/wild interfaces. The Wylde Center group are stewards of this property.

Cultural destinations

Winnona Park

Living in Winnona Park gives you easy access to cultural hotspots within the city. Here are several museums and art galleries to visit in the area. 

  • DeKalb History Center
    Open since 1947, this facility is home to artifacts and documents that date back to the early 1800s showcasing the county’s rich history and way of life. The building itself is a remnant of the locale’s history as it used to be the county’s original courthouse, done with a distinct Victorian flair.
  • National Center for Civil and Human Rights
    Atlanta holds a pivotal role in the American civil rights movement and the center celebrates this through innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions. Its most iconic collections include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s works and artifacts.
  •  Michael C. Carlos Museum
    Set in the heart of Emory’s Atlanta campus, the Michael C. Carlos Museum is a dynamic, interdisciplinary center for the study of art and culture, with collections from Africa; ancient Egypt, Nubia, and the Near East; ancient Greece and Rome; the Indigenous Americas; and South Asia; as well as American and European Works on Paper.  Emory University’s collections date back to 1876 when a museum was formed on the original campus in Oxford, Georgia


Winnona Park

You won’t have to go far to give your children an excellent education because Winnona Park has several great learning institutions in and around its borders. This neighborhood is served by the City Schools of Decatur which is consistently ranked among the best in Georgia. You’ll also find excellent private schools within its periphery, as well as top-tier colleges.  

The most notable institutions in the area include:  

  • Winnona Park Elementary School
    Serving students from K-2, this school is known for its innovative approach to teaching. Called EL Education, it’s an instructional program that focuses on providing hands-on learning experiences that could help students to build better relationships and develop character.
  • The Waldorf School of Atlanta
    The Waldorf School of Atlanta serves preschool to 12th-grade students. Established in 1976, it’s one of the top school options in the city due to its emphasis on individualized learning – a key hallmark of the Waldorf educational philosophy. Along with the comprehensive programs one would expect from a highly-rated school, it also features a strong arts program.
  • Agnes Scott College
    Since 1889, Agnes Scott College has empowered young women by providing world-class higher education. It has an impressive academic reputation, not just for being one of the first colleges for women but also for consistently ranking as the most innovative liberal arts college in the country.


If you’re planning to lay down roots in Winnona Park, GA, Carter and Associates can make it happen. For more than three decades, our team, led by Chad and Christina Carter, has helped both first-time homebuyers and repeat investors to achieve real estate success in the City of Decatur. No matter what type of property you’re looking for, we can ensure that you will find a home that meets your vision and budget.

Access the finest homes for sale in Winnona Park, GA by working with a top real estate team with an extensive portfolio of sought-after properties. 

Get in touch with Carter and Associates today at 404.944.6577 (Chad) or 404.932.7388 (Christina), or send us a message here.

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